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Business Meeting思维脑图思维导图

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Unit2 Business Meeting思维导图模板大纲

The Cause of an Ineffective Meeting

a.No clear objectives or an agenda has been set.

b.NO pre-meeting preparation tasks have been assigned.

c.We don't value our time properly.

d.Participants are disengaged.

The Principies of Carrying out an Effective Meeting


Whoever calls a meeting should be explicit about its objectives,specifying tangible goals and assigning responsibilities.


Everyone should think carefully about the costs of a meeting.


Assign credit or blame to the person in charge after meetings.

The Necessary Elaments of the Minutes

Meeting time and place

Present members

Roll call

Open issues

Call to order

New business


Key words

productivity n.生产力,生产率

子主题 14

perishable a.易腐烂的,易变质的

renew v.恢复(关系),重新开始,续借(订)

justify v.证明……是正当的,替……辩护

minutes n.[pl.]会议记录,会议纪要

move v. 提议,提出(动议),建议

contribute ad.与此同时,其间

specify v.明确说明,具体指定

blame n.(坏事或错事的)责任,(对某人的)责备,指责

hidden a.隐藏的,难以看见(或发现)的

approval n.批准,通过(计划、要求等),赞成,同意

submit v.提交

agenda n.议程

Key phrases

spill over超出,溢出

chime in插话

cut in打断别人的话,插嘴

call it quits结束争论或争吵

in charge主管,负责

sense of belonging归属感

executive director执行董事

call…to order宣布开会

treasurer's report财务报告


a.The resolution was moved by ur.Miss A, seconded by Mr./Miss B and unanimously approved.

b. xxx called the meeting at +时间 +at+地点.

c.We don't value our time properly.

d.Time is the most perishable goods in the worldd.

Taking Good Minutes

a.Prepare an outline based on the agenda ahead of time and leave plenty of blank space for notes.

b.Prepare a list of expected attendees and check off the names when they come.

c.Make a map of the seating arrangements to be sure about who says what.

d.Make a note of those who come late or leave early.

e.Don't take down everything that is said;just get the important points.

f.Always write down action items with the person responsible and deadlines.

Qiao's laugh

a.When asked how he felt,Qiao leaned back and replied with a loud laugh,which impressed eneryone present.

b.Yet,behind this confident laugh lay a long struggle.

c.It was not until October 25,1971 that the PRC was recognized as the only one legitimate representative of China to the UN.



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