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UNIT 8 Sentence unity and coherence思维导图

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UNIT 8 Sentence unity and coherence思维导图模板大纲

Sentence unity

put related thoughts into a sentence

eliminate excessive details

avoid mixed or awkward constructions

do not mix grammatical structures

avoid illogical constructions

Sentence coherence

The subject of a sentence must be connected in meaning with its predicate

All comparison should be complete and logical.

1.State a comparison fully to ensure clarity. 2.Make sure that the items being compared are really comparable. 3.Be careful when comparing items in different groups. 4. Avoid comparisons that do not state what is being compared.

All modifiers should clearly modify the intended word

1. Place an adjective phrase or clause as near as possible to the noun or pronoun it modifies 2. Place a limiting adverb immediately before the word it modifies 3. Make sure that each adverbial phrase or clause modifies the word you tend to be modified. 4.Avoid the ambiguous modifiers 5.Avoid dangling modifiers 6.Avoid separating the parts of a verb phrase or the parts of an infinitive(不定式)


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