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Book7 Unit2Careers and skills思维导图

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Book7 Unit2Careers and skills

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Book7 Unit3Careers and skills思维导图模板大纲

Logic systerm

Find information and materials related to the topic of this unit through multiple sources such as the library, the Internet, etc.

Learn to use discourse markers and other cohesive devices to organize information logically.

Be able to self-monitor and adjust the correctness and appropriateness of the language when communicating with peers about "career" related topics.

In the process of understanding "career and skills" related knowledge, keep a strong interest in English learning and desire, actively strive for various opportunities to practice and use English.

Knowledge systerm

Knowledge of phonetics

Read the English names of different occupations correctly

Vocabulary knowledge

Words and phrases

salary,labour,gear,attain;labor force,earn a living,etc

Vocabulary development

Career-related vocabulary sorting and categorizing

Grammatical knowledge

Review and consolidate the grammar rules of noun clause, and learn to use them in specific contexts.

Textual knowledge

Master the writing purpose, discourse structure and argumentation methods of argumentative essays

Grasp the function and usage of discourse markers in discourse.

Identify and master other discourse types that appear in this unit: career plan book, online lecture text, mock interview, etc.

Pragmatic knowledge

During the mock interview, use appropriate verbal and non-verbal forms to express your attitudes and opinions.

Capability systerm


Be able to obtain and integrate information about career plans from listening materials.


Accurately and appropriately state the relationship between work and life.

When discussing career plans with your partner, use appropriate tone and sentence structure to invite further clarification.

Complete a mock interview using formal, appropriate verbal and non-verbal forms


Be able to master the discourse structure and argumentation methods of magazine articles and understand the reason and significance of work.

Able to understand the language features and formatting of career plan

Grasp the stylistic and linguistic features of online lecture manuscripts and understand the relevant skills of job interview.


Understand how images, text, sound and color work together to construct meaning in video.


Learn to use appropriate speech markers to link up sentences and improve the coherence of expression.

Able to write personal career plan with correct structure and appropriate language.

Value and meaning systerm

Understand the characteristics, value and significance of different occupations, establish a positive and correct career outlook, and cultivate workplace awareness.

Establish a correct view of labor, promote the Chinese nation's industrious virtue, and create a better life.


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